About Kimmie

First let's discuss the fancy acting stuff!

  • I worked with the talented Grey Ingrassia for his film, "Speechless".
  • I've found love not only with film, but with theater, tackling roles like 'Renee' in the Female Odd Couple & 'Mariane' in Tartuffe.
  • Studied Scene Study with DeSean Kevin Terry at the wonderful Berg Studios.
  • Studied Cold Reading with Doug Warhit.
  • Of course, feel free to poke around my resume or reel!


For those of you that want to know if I'm actually interesting, some fun facts for you!

  • I am an extroverted intervert. (totally a thing).
  • Proud parent of my Yorkie & cat.
  • Favorite films include but not limited to: Good Will Hunting, (500) Days of Summer, Inception, Electrick Children, & Gone Girl
  • My favorite place to visit: North Vancouver.
  • Dream Vacation: East Coast Roadtrip & Iceland. Ironic thing is, I'm the biggest wimp to cold weather. I mean, unless your film is set in a snowy wasteland, then yep yep, bring on the icy cold weather!
  • I played lacrosse in high school. Not gonna lie, I cannot score a goal to save my life, but I will cradle like no one's business. 
  • You can almost always find an apple in my purse.

Hey Creators, Directors, Fellow Actors, Mom!

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